Students’ affairs division is under Registry Department and is headed by the Deputy Registrar (Students’ Affairs Officer). This division handles the affairs students in terms of: accommodation, petty trading, students’ discipline, sporting, clubs/association and students’ union activities. The division coordinates all policies relating to students’ non-academic affairs in the institution.

  1. Hostel Accommodation

The Polytechnic cannot provide accommodation for all students however, international students are given priority. Students are strongly advised to look for private accommodation within trekable distance of the institution, the Polytechnic as at present considers only final year students for accommodation. However, part time students (Consultancy students) are not eligible for accommodation even at final year level. Presently, there are four blocks of hostels on the campus of which, one block i.e. Borno hostel is allocated to female students while the remaining three Adamawa, Bauchi and Yobe hostels are for male students.

Students’ Union Government (SUG)

The students are allowed to form the Students Union Government by electing their Officials which comprises of both Executive Council and Legislators; membership of the Union is open to all registered students of the Polytechnic. These two arms serve as a link between the Polytechnic Authority and the students for the purpose of promoting the general welfare of the students. The activities of the Union are guided by the Students’ Union Constitution as approved by the Polytechnic Authority. The eligibility for the students to contest into the Executive Council must be students who have being matriculated and spent at least one session in the institution.

Students’ Representative Assembly (SRA)

This Assembly is made up of Representatives elected or nominated from each of the School. The SRA is the second tier of the Students Union Government.

Operational guidelines
Both the arms above are being governed by guidelines to operate appropriately:

  1. The Students’ Representative Assembly shall have a speaker and deputy speaker elected by the Assembly members.
  2. The Union’ source of finances is the registration fee paid by its members.
  3. The Polytechnic Authority reserves the right to freeze the account of the Students’ Union, if acts of financial mismanagement are alleged. Proper investigation has to be conducted and the irregularity will be rectified.
  4. The Students’ Union is not a trade union and shall not be part of any trade unionism.
  5. Decisions taken by the Students’ Union or Students’ Representative Assembly should be communicated to its congress through circular or posted on the Union’s notice boards.

The Polytechnic have laid down rules and regulations concerning demonstrations on campus by students which are as follows:

  1. Any form of students’ demonstration which is directed against an individual or group of individuals concerned within the polytechnic and any form of non-peaceful demonstration is strictly forbidden.
  2. Demonstration in the polytechnic can only be allowed after exhausting all laid down avenues for resolution through appropriate channels of communication.
  3. Students must give notice of less than 48 hours in writing to the Rector of the polytechnic through their representatives, and clearly stating the purpose of the demonstration that they proposed to stage. If such demonstration will extend outside the polytechnic, permission must also be obtained from the police.
  4. No demonstration is permitted in staff housing, administration blocks and academic premises.
  5. Organizers of demonstration should not force anybody to neither join nor deny anyone from opting out of the demonstration.
  6. Any violation of the above regulations will attract severe penalty including expulsion from the polytechnic.
  1. Association, Clubs and Societies

Students may form associations, clubs and societies in the Polytechnic if they wish so, but the constitutions are subject to approval by the Management. Associations, clubs and societies with academic objectives are given preference than non-academic ones. Only associations, clubs and societies that are approved and registered are allowed to function within the Polytechnic premises with full compliance with the rules and regulations of the Polytechnic.

  1. Sporting Activities

The Polytechnic has facilities for nearly all the sport events and encourages students to participate actively in sporting activities. The Polytechnic organizes internal competitions such as football event usually called Rector’s Cup which involve all the departments with the exception of Pre-ND department which take part in Registrar’s Cup only.

Ramat Polytechnic does participate in sporting events organized by Nigerian Polytechnic Games Association (NIPOGA). It usually takes part in track and field events such as: football, handball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, hockey taekwondo, judo etc. The Polytechnic started participating in NIPOGA in 1983 in its fourth edition to date, and won several gold, silver and bronze medals in games such as: football, basketball, handball, taekwondo, judo and track events. Also, the Polytechnic participated in West African Polytechnic Games (WAPOGA) which held in Cote d’Iviore in 2008. In 2010, the Polytechnic had the opportunity and successfully hosted the Zonal Nigerian Polytechnic Games Association (NIPOGA) games which further uplifted her name.