Babagana Ibrahim Imam,
Director Academic Planning

On 12th September 2011, the Rector Ramat Polytechnic in person of Dr. Babagana Umara (Engr.) wisely set up the academic planning directorate charged with the responsibilities of:

  1. Coordinate all the activities of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) especially to do with academic staff training and development, conference attendance, Research and Journal Publications.
  2. Organizing and liaising with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and National Commission of Colleges of Education (NCCE) in all issues relating to Accreditation and re-accreditation.
  3. Establishing linkages with other tertiary institutions both from within and outside the Country for effective collaborations.
  4. Organize and coordinate local seminars, workshops and conferences.
  5. Establishing good academic standard through effect quality control.

The Directorate has a director who oversees the activities of the unit and is directly responsible to the Rector with supporting staff, and the Directorate also works hand in hand with the Polytechnic’s Research and publication committee for the effective carrying out of its responsibilities.

Since its inception, the directorate has recorded the following achievements:

  1. Assessed for the first time the TETFUND Journal intervention for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  2. Established the Polytechnic’s Journal i.e. Ramat Journal of Management, Science and Technology which is also hosted in its website.
  3. Processed and secured research grant from TETFUND for over 50 members of staff.
  4. Through TETFUND intervention the Polytechnic sponsored over 131 members of both academic and non-academic staff for local and international conferences.
  5. The Polytechnic also sponsored over 214 members of academic staff for masters and Ph.D. programmes from TEFUND and Academic Staff Training and Development (AST &D) intervention.
  6. Secured seven newly accredited programmes
    1. National Diploma in Animal Production Technology
    2. National Diploma in Computer Engineering
    3. National Diploma in Computer Science
    4. National Diploma in Quantity Surveying
    5. Higher National Diploma in Architectural Technology
    6. Higher National Diploma in Pest Management Technology
    7. National Diploma in Survey and Geo-Informatics
  7. Secured re-accreditation of twenty-three existing programmes in 2011.
  8. Facilitated the establishment of the Polytechnic’s Printing Press.
  9. Facilitated the establishment of Journal Secretariat for Ramat Journal of Management, Science and Technology (RJMST).

All these and other achievements are made possible with the zeal, interest, strong assistance, and support given by stakeholders.

The immediate challenges of the directorate amongst other things include:

  1. Organized a successful resource inspection of eight new programmes in the following areas:
    1. HND Civil Engineering
    2. HND Estate Management
    3. HND Chemistry
    4. ND Mass Communication
    5. ND Marketing
    6. ND Purchasing and Supply
    7. ND Public Administration
    8. ND Printing Technology
  2. Conducted a thorough and purposeful workshop at school levels with a view to improving the quality of research/paper presentation by our staff.
  3. Established linkages with reputable and recognized institutions of higher learning, both within and outside the country for the purpose of research, training and retraining of our staff and for technical assistance.
  4. To build a strong personnel through training and retraining.