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School of Agricultural Technology and Applied Sciences

  1. Department of Agricultural Technology

  2. Department of Food Sciences Technology

  3. Department of Hospitality Management Technology

  4. Department of Science Laboratory Technology

  5. Department of Animal Production Technology

  6. Department of Computer Science

School of Engineering and Bio-Environmental Technology

  1. Department of Agricultural and Bio-environmental Engineering

  2. Department of Civil Engineering

  3. Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  4. Department of Mechanical Engineering

  5. Department of Computer Engineering

School of Environmental Studies

  1. Department of Architectural Technology

  2. Department of Building Technology

  3. Department of Estate management

  4. Department of Survey and Geo-Informatics

  5. Department of Urban and Regional Planning

  6. Department of Quantity Surveying

School of Management Studies

  1. Department of Accountancy

  2. Department of Banking & Finance

  3. Department of Business Administration and Management

  4. Department of Marketing

  5. Department of Office Technology and Management

  6. Department of Social Services

School of Vocational and Technical Education and General Studies

  1. Department of Business Education

  2. Department of Education

  3. Department of General Studies Education

  4. Department of Languages and Liberal Studies

  5. Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  6. Department of Pre-ND Studies

  7. Department of Technical Education

Consultancy services unit

  1. Diploma in Accountancy

  2. Diploma in Business Administration and Management

  3. Diploma in Marketing

  4. Diploma in Public Administration

  5. Pre-HND in Management Services

  6. Higher National Diploma in Accountancy

  7. Higher National Diploma in Banking and Finance

  8. Higher National Diploma in Business Administration and Management

  9. Higher National Diploma in Marketing

  10. Post Graduate Diploma in Agronomy and Farm Management

  11. Post Graduate Diploma in Education

  12. Post Graduate Diploma in Finance

  13. Post Graduate Diploma in Health Education and Hygiene 

  14. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

  15. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing