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Ramat Polytechnic Clinic


The clinic is as old as the Polytechnic itself, initially rendering some kind of first aid services headed by a chief nurse. The clinic now headed by a medical doctor was upgraded on 4th of July 2012 to a standard of Ultra-Modern Clinic that provides both general laboratory and nursing services, courtesy of administration of the incumbent Rector in collaboration with the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Cooperation (NDIC). NDIC constructed the building, while administration of Ramat Polytechnic provided the facilities. The clinic also takes referral cases, provides antenatal, delivery and other services (at normal charges except for special cases) not only to the polytechnic staff and students as well to her neighboring communities far and near, in other words everybody is eligible to be registered and treated.

Students of the polytechnic when they come in as patients are given drugs free upon the payment of N50 only for an outpatient card while laboratory and scanning services are provided at a discount rate of 25%. Staff of the polytechnic when they come in as patients, are given drugs at a discount rate of 50% upon payment of N400 to open a medical folder. Four family members of staff are allowed to benefit services at similar rates but laboratory and scanning services have no discounts.